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Your Change Creates Change

Help fund our efforts to unleash the power of the next generation!

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Your Change Creates Change

Be a Monthly Partner for the Planet

We teach kids to care for our ailing planet. You can help by making simple daily changes and use your leftover change to become a monthly Partner for the Planet. It's an easy and effective way to support Grades of Green's mission.

Your change

Supports Change

Bring a reusable cup to your local coffee haunt and save 10 cents per visit.

Pack a trash-free lunch and save $5 a meal.

Carpool, ride a bike or walk to work and save $10 on gas daily.

Turn off unnecessary lights and switch to LED bulbs to save $200 on electricity annually.

$5 provides waste reduction tools to schools

$10 provides a water conservation kit to a school

$25 provides a Grades of Green Advisor coaching session for a student/student Green Team

$50 buys a banner for students to proudly display their eco-pledges.

You can change your monthly pledge at any time. If you are not able to make a monthly commitment, please consider making a one-time gift.